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Reflections On The Use Of Storytelling

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

I believe storytelling is a two-way process and ‘process’ it is in terms of formatting, use and creation. It allows the writer to deliver its purpose which I feel could be any of the theories as set out in the extract from “Into the Woods”. It allows the recipient to learn and explore different thoughts, theories, and situations in a ‘safe’ environment.

I like the thinking that stories make the incomplete complete, creating order out of chaos. People like order and engage in formatting that is familiar, supporting the thought of sense being conferred in an overwhelming world.

Storytelling to me is also the communication process that gives the recipient choice, the choice to use the work to whatever ends they are looking to achieve whether for pure knowledge creation or to put themselves in a world they are unlikely to experience in their current paradigm - it allows the creation of new paradigms by choice. This can be liberating, giving the reader control and the writer the opportunity to explore ‘new paradigms’.

All in all, I think that storytelling is very complex and represents the output or input complexity of the individual. A piece of work that will mean different things to different people.

To me, the art of storytelling based on the process of structure is an exciting proposition. It allows me to convey my thoughts and ideas and lets me explore a world to an ending that lets me express my creativity, anxieties, personal ‘history’ issues and ambitions. Take me into another world and hopefully, someone will want to engage with these stories and help them open up to new paradigms in a creative and entertaining way.

Writing for the screen lets me communicate to a very wide audience, a medium that is an accepted part of day-to-day living across the world. It lets people immerse themselves visually and audibly in the written word and to me represents a truly effective way to tell my stories.

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